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Our educational philosophy focuses on the development of the whole student. We employ proven teaching techniques applied to a curriculum designed for today’s world. Our curriculum is progressive and continually builds upon the concepts learned and skills built by the student during the previous year.

Using a highly individualized approach, Carden meets each learner’s particular needs. Students receive the sound, well-rounded education they need to realize their full potential in life while establishing a life-long love of learning.

Our core curriculum includes language arts, mathematics, history, science, and geography. Our cultural program engenders an appreciation of art and music, while our guidance program awakens each student to ethical and social values.

Reading Methodology

Phonics and Word Structure

The student’s vocabulary helps make up their personal mental image of the world around them. Mastery of the language arts enables students to convey those images to others with ease. There is great joy and satisfaction in applying phonics to read easily, spell accurately, and speak clearly, which yields greater self-respect and self-esteem.

Word Grouping

Whether reading silently for personal enjoyment or aloud for the enjoyment of others, our students read rhythmically, which helps impart understanding. They learn to group words that answer comprehension questions and use grammar as a tool of comprehension.

Finding and Expressing the Main Idea

Students prove their understanding by emphasizing the key word of a sentence as they read. The key word determines the main idea of the sentence and forms the basis for outlining. The ability to organize thought is one of the identifying marks of the Carden student.

Carden Academy Mathematics

Studies have proven that children need to acquire mathematical abilities in a careful, sequential method without the use of aides like calculators that enhance speed but deprive the student of conceptual learning. Mastering fundamental tools is crucial to mastery of any skill. This has been a basic premise and an integral part of Carden Academy for almost four decades.

The lower grades cover math concepts such as addition, subtraction, estimating, rounding, numeration, whole number operations, monetary transactions, multiplication, division, fractions, decimals, measurement, ratio and percentages, statistics, and probability. Algebra and Geometry are covered in Grades 6 through 8.

By building strong mathematical foundations early on, Carden students progress quickly when they begin to tackle more advanced concepts at the high school level.

Science Through Experience

Carden Academy’s science program is experiential. We want students to experience, see, and touch what they learn in the classroom. To facilitate this, each grade level has weekly labs and periodic field trips to various locations to reinforce the classroom presentation.

As a result of this intentionally well-rounded approach, our students receive honors and advanced placement in the high schools they choose to attend.